Jersey Devils and Bizarre Beasts of Weird NJ

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Jersey Devils, Bizarre Beasts And Other Creatures of Weird NJ: True Life Encounters with the Unknown

Have you ever been in a situation you cannot explain? Witnessed something so strange you were afraid to tell anyone? All the stories you’ll read in this special Weird NJ edition have happened to these people when they least expected it. From Bigfoots to Big Red Eyes and weird winged creatures from all over the state of New Jersey, these sightings have been happening for many years.  Some believe more than a few Jersey Devils still lurk among the Pine Barrens, and Mantis Men roam the banks of the Musconetcong River. Although we may live in a small state, we certainly have our share of unexplained encounters. From hairy to winged, to big and small, New Jersey’s got them all.

Layout 1We have gone over the last 20 years of Weird NJ letters and emails about people encountering the Jersey Devil, Big Red Eye and other things they cannot explain. These folks have no reason to make these stories up, and they have no one else to tell them to, except here in Weird NJ.

For such a small state we certainly have our share of cryptids—creatures whose existence can neither be proved or disproved, and certainly not in the mainstream of science. We try and investigate these sightings and speak with eye witnesses, and we’ve found that their stories never waver.

If you ever have a strange encounter or are in a creepy situation you cannot rationally explain, you will understand what these stories are all about.

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