Home State Hauntings – A Ghostly Special Issue!

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Home State Hauntings: True Stories Of Ghostly Places In New Jersey

Home State Hauntings is a 106 pages, fully illustrated, soft bound special issue of Weird NJ, beautifully photographed and designed by hsh-coverPaul Michael Kane with spine-tingling illustrations by Ryan Doan. Here, for the first time, we have compiled the most chilling tales ever told of supernatural encounters in New Jersey in this special issue of Weird NJ. Home State Hauntings is a collection of ghostly stories as recounted by those who have lived them; in our graveyards, on our roadways, in our institutions and yes, even in their own homes. These are the stories of otherwise regular citizens of the Garden State––our neighbors, friends, family and coworkers. But they tell us they have had experiences that are incredible, yet somehow credible––unbelievable, yet we are compelled to believe them.  While we don’t always know whether or not to believe all the ghostly tales we hear, we certainly get the sense that the people telling these tales wholeheartedly believe them. Will you?

Home State Hauntings is now available on newsstands throughout the state, or you can order through our Web Site and Amazon Store.