Weird NJ Presents – True Crime Files: WNJ

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The Garden State’s Most Bizarre and Chilling Criminal Cases

In this brand new special issue of Weird NJ we examine some of the evils that men (and women) have done unto each other in our fair state’s history – the truly bizarre, deplorable, and all too often downright senseless deeds that our residents have perpetrated against one another. But we’ll not only delve into the unusual crimes motivated by passion, lust and greed, but also atrocities that are so heinous that they would almost seem incomprehensible in our supposedly civilized society.

Layout 1We have opened up the vaults to present to you Weird NJ’s own true crime files – the strangest and most chilling examples of murder, vanishings, and suicide that the magazine has investigated over the past two-plus decades.

Included in these pages, you find some names familiar to Weird NJ readers, such as John List, Gregg Sanders, and Richard “the Ice Man” Kuklinski, to name just a few. But you’ll also find a collection of brand new cases and culprits that we have never before reported on – some stories so shocking that they were just too sensitive or gruesome to publish when we first heard tell of them. Now, culled from the annals of Weird NJ, the serial killers, Mafia hitmen, Satanic cults, and mysterious disappearances can all be found for the first time in one place – on every bloodstained page of True Crime Files: WNJ.Crime Package sm


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