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Clinton Road: A Dark Ride

On a recent visit to the bridge at Dead Man’s Curve we were surprised and delighted to see just how many people had recently stopped by to test the validity of the legend of the Ghost Boy of Clinton Road. Continue reading

NEW Weird NJ “Mystifying Guide” T-Shirt

Channel your own weird thoughts or conjure up spirits of the dead. Either are a possibility with the wicked cool new Weird NJ Mystifying Guide T shirt! 100% Bella+Canvas cotton shirt. Just $20!  Includes shipping. Get yours HERE. Also available through … Continue reading

Wed. 10pm: Paranormal Caught on Camera

Tune into the Travel Channel tonight to see the new show “Paranormal Caught on Camera,” featuring Weird NJ publishers Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran commenting on a variety of eyewitness encounters with the unknown. From ghosts and demons to UFOs and cryptid … Continue reading

2019 Subscriptions Available NOW!

Subscribe to your favorite magazine from New Jersey for 2019! That’s right, Weird NJ issues #52 and #53 can be delivered to your door in May and October. We collect stories about New Jersey. That’s what we’ve been doing for … Continue reading