Weird NJ Index

For years now people have been saying to us, “I love Weird NJ, but how do I find out what’s weird where I live?” Well folks, we just made finding the answer to that question much easier with the brand new Weird NJ online index! All you have to do to find what stories have been published about your town or county is type its name into our search engine and we’ll list all the articles from our vast database archives for you, by issue and page number!

Looking for information on a particular story or legend that you’ve heard tell of? Not only can you search our issues by location, you can also look for specific sites and subjects by entering terms like “abandoned” or “Clinton Road.” It’s the quick and easy way to find the answers to best kept secrets you’re looking for.

(Please note: We’ve been publishing for 20 years now, so the index is vast, yet still not yet complete. The search engine only contains articles published up to and including issue #33 at this point, but we’re still working on a comprehensive database that will bring the index up to the current time.)