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The Mysterious Marker of Mattie Brown

An anonymous Weird NJ reader wrote to us and tipped us off to the mysterious grave stone of an unknown woman located in Egg Harbor. They said, “In Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, there’s a tombstone at the police station. … Continue reading

Bordentown is Halloweentown!

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled Weird for this URGENT bulletin: Just when you think you have seen it all and nothing can top it, a viable contender of weirdness will inevitably throw its bizarre brand of oddness into the … Continue reading

The 13 Skeletons of Bridgewater

You can’t miss it, but make no bones about it, it’s something you should not pass by without pivoting your skull for a second look, or more. It’s The 13 Skeletons Halloween display, set out in a PG-10 manner since … Continue reading