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A handy reference guide to finding graves, tombstones and cemeteries that have been featured in Weird NJ.

Using the Weird N.J. Index

The easiest way to quickly and accurately locate information in this index is to use the Find/Search function supported by your browser to help guide your search. Example: Press command & F then enter the name of a location or a town into the search field.

Entries in this index conform to the general pattern:

Subject/Topic/Personal or Place Name (Geographic Location) Issue# : Pages

Special issues are designated by the following acronyms:  LE = Last ExitLH =Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird N.J.NP = Nightshade on the PassaicRG = Weird N.J. 2003 Roadside GuideTCR = Tales From Clinton Road.

Multiple index entries are separated by a semi-colon (;). Page numbering in Weird N.J. magazine did not begin until Issue #6. The page numbering given for Issues #1 through #5 is modeled after the format of later issues (i.e., the cover is counted as page 1).

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Cemetery Safari

Abbreviation headstones – A.T.M., V.D., E.A.T., E.T.C., J.A.B., P.S.  32: 69p

Above ground “Egyptian” grave (Trenton)  24: 34p

“All is well” grave  LE: 30p

“The American Dream” grave  LE: 30p

Anthony Srsich — “Absolutely Terrific” bus driver (Newark)  29: 70; 32: 68p

Artificial reef graveyards created by Eternal Reefs  LE: 66

Assenheimer gravestone  22: 52p

Backyard crypt with bodies (East Brunswick)  21: 33

Backyard Grave of Indian Lake (Denville)  21: 30p; LE: 117p

Backyard grave of Mary Elizabeth (Whitesbog)  32: 21

Beatles tribute musical grave marker at St. Joseph’s Cemetery (Keyport)  33: 70p

Beheaded statues at Raleigh Cemetery (Cherry Hill)  23: 43p

Blank gravestone (West Windsor)  28: 75p

“Blimey I’m a Limey” gravestone at George Washington Memorial Cemetery (Paramus) 27: 57p; LE: 29p

Boat-shaped tombstone (Cape May)  31: 62p

Boat Yard Grave and Washington’s Delaware Crossing (Lower Bank)  21: 31p; LE: 66

Boob Grave in Greenwood Cemetery (Boonton)  20: 52p

Book tombstone at Riverview Cemetery (Trenton)  17: 71p

Bruce P. Berman website gravestone at Hazelwood Cemetery (Rahway)  26: 1p, 65p; 28: 16; 31: 12p; LE: 14p-15p

Bud’s grave (Atlantic Highlands) 4: 8; 7: 5; 10: 26p; 14: 11; 19: 60p-63p; 24: 14; 26: 6p; 28: 23p; 30: 38p; LE: 23p

Burial plaque at Valley View Middle School honoring early settlers (Denville) 17: 71p; LE: 111p, 113

Car crash grave marker (Smithville)  21: 32

Cat sculpture gravestone  LE: 87p

“Cave Grave” of the Lewis family (Newton)  7: 32-33; 8: 45p; 11: 11; 21: 31p; 27: 58; LE: 66p

Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. [baby] remains (Hopewell)  10: 35p; LE: 98p

Children’s sculptured gravestones (Cinnaminson)  16: 1p, 34p

Clamshell gravemarker at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Newark)  18: 66p

Coffin congestion at Mercer County Cemetery (Trenton)  24: 34p

Col. Parker’s nightly walks from his grave at Williamsville Graveyard (Highland Lakes) 21: 32

Commander Michael Kearny, British Royal Navy (Whippany)  13: 57p; 33: 11

“Cool” grave in Moravian Cemetery (Hope)  20: 53p

Creepy child grave marker at Holy Name Cemetery (Jersey City)  33: 70p

Crypt Knocker grave (Bridgewater-Unadilla, NY)  22: 53p

Cuddling babies gravestone at Greenwood Cemetery (Hamilton)  32: 69p

“Cujo Jack” (Newark)  6: 15; LE: 112

Cutroneo gravesite – listening woman sculpture in Woodbine Cemetery (Oceanport) 12: 3p, 60p; 22: 54p

Dancer gravestone at Maplewood Cemetery (Freehold)  30: 87

Dave Prater (singer) buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Totowa)  28: 74; 29: 82p

Dead Nun / Glass Nun (Morristown)  6: 23; 8: 7p; RG: 65-66; 21: 59; LE: 60p

“Death Dolls” in New Jersey cemeteries  28: 72p

Deborah Lincoln, great-grandaunt of Abraham Lincoln (Imlaystown)  13: 55p

“Decaying Angels” at Rosedale Cemetery (West Orange)  26: 64p

Devil’s Grave/Tomb (Somerset Hills)  12: 28p

Frank Orsi “Died a horrible death” grave in Princeton Cemetery (Princeton)  25: 32; 26: 63p; 30: 14p; LE: 27p

Diner Tombstone at Fairview Cemetery (Sussex)  11: 30p; RG: 40p aka Prout’s/Lucy’s Diner

Diving Horse of the Steel Pier (Atlantic City)  17: 70p

Dollhouse Grave (Warren)  9: 27p

“Done to Death” gravestone  LE: 56p

“Don’t Worry About It” grave  19: 55p

Dotterweich’s grave – mass family drowning (Wayne)  11: 32p; LE: 120p

Dracula grave  21: 32p

Dragula grave (Monmouth County)  20: 55p

Ebenezer Price – renowned gravestone carver  LE: 46p-47p

Edward C. Stokes mausoleum lightning strike, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Millville)  17: 15

Eisele Family Egyptian Mausoleum at Fairview Cemetery (Sussex)  14: 52p; 16: 65; LE: 84p

Elephant burial site (Sussex Aiport)  25: 81; 26: 14

Ellen “Gone to tell Jesus” grave at Kingston Presbyterian Church (Kingston)  26: 63p

Elsie the Cow (Plainsboro)  4: 8; 8: 12dp; 11: 2; 14: 54; 31: 11; LE: 92p

“Evil” grave (Upper Saddle River)  20: 53p; 22: 7; LE: 58

“Evil” grave of Amanda Bowen (Palmyra)  11: 6; 17: 73p; 18: 7-9; 22: 7; LE: 58p

Face on a gravestone (Port Republic)  27: 57

Fighter plane grave marker (Hamilton)  18: 68p; LE: 79p

First quarter toll collected on the Garden State Parkway (Holmdel)  19: 51; LE: 61p

Flooded grave at Rosemount Memorial Park (Newark)  28: 75

Forest grave (Bass River State Forest)  25: 28p; LE: 98p

“Funny” gravestones at Saint James Cemetery (Woodbridge) —

Small / Bishop, Fox / Trainer, Bonk / Buz  28: 75p

Frankenstein grave (Pennsauken)  20: 55p

Frankie Lymon (Clifton)  9:29p; 20: 12p; LE: 50p

General Robert Erskine (Ringwood Manor)  5: 19p; 18: 69p; LE: 61p

George Draney’s photos of graveside memorials  LE: 23p

Ghostly grave at Higbee Beach (Lower Township)  LE: 76d

Glowing grave at Berlin Cemetery (Camden County)  LE: 38

Glowing grave at Readington Road cemetery (Branchburg)  13: 57; 18: 69p; 19: 52p; LE: 36, 38p

Glowing grave and child’s voice (Montville)  1-3: 10; 9: 23; 25: 31d; LE: 36, 75d

“Good night sports fans” grave  31: 64p; LE: 16p

Gothic tombstones at Riverview Cemetery (Newark)  17: 71p

Grave decorated with toy cars and trucks (Jersey City)  LE: 23p

Grave in basement of home (Paterson)  12: 62; LE: 110

Grave marker with eagle rising out of flames (Moorestown)  28: 73p

Grave marker with lucky swastika in East View Cemetery (Salem)  19: 52p

Grave of Aaron Kitchell at Old Presbyterian Church (East Hanover)  27: 59p

Grave of America’s Unknown Child aka The Boy in the Box at Ivy Hill Cemetery (Philadelphia, PA)  33: 86p

Grave of Bertie Harris with horse and cart (Hackensack)  20: 53p; LE: 79p

Grave of Charles the dog (Great Meadows)  13: 59p, 14: 54; LE: 88p

Grave of Charles H. Salmon – killed by careless pharmacist at Methodist Cemetery (Succasunna)  LE: 29p

Grave of Cheetah the chimp lost  LE: 89

Grave of “Christ” in Fairview Cemetery (Sussex)  15: 75p

Grave of Col. Routh Goshen at Cedar Grove Cemetery (Franklin) 21: 32p; LE: 51p aka The Middlebush Giant

Grave of Dave Prater (“Sam & Dave”) at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Totowa)  28: 74; 29: 82p

Grave of George Gately Gallagher, creator of Heathcliff the Cat (Tenafly)  LE: 13

Grave of guy who should be long dead  19: 55p

Grave of Jeremiah Leeds, first settler on Absecon Island (Northfield)  28: 74p

Grave of Joe – “Robin Hood of the Pine Barrens” (Pleasant Mills)  20: 42p-43p; 21: 31p

Grave of John “Hot Dog Johnny” Kovalsky at Belvidere Cemetery (Belvidere)  RG: 40p

Grave of Joseph Kekuku at Orchard Street Cemetery (Dover)  24: 38

Grave of legendary “John B. Quick” at French-Richards Cemetery (Springfield)  19: 54p

Grave of Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd at Tranquility Cemetery (Green Township)  32: 70p

Grave of a monkey named “Monkey”  18: 66p

Grave of Murray Beck at Glenwood Cemetery (West Long Branch)  22: 54p

Grave of Nancy Spungen (Neshaminy, PA)  30: 94p

Grave of Noah Cherry near Garden State Parkway milemarker 16 (Dennis Township)  LE: 99p

Grave of “N.J. Welfare Bureaucracy” (Bordentown)  14: 51p; LE: 63p

Grave of the deathless Peter C. Howe (Meyersville)  11: 33p

Grave of an “Upright Citizen” at Atlantic City Cemetery  18: 67p

Grave of murder victim (Bamber Lakes)  21: 31p

Grave of “Our 3-legged pal Monkey”  LE: 87p

Grave of Robert Powell and his 14 pets at Pet Lawn Cemetery (Berlin)  21: 33p

Grave of Tamara Drasin (Roosevelt)  29: 83p

Grave of Topsy and Tippy  LE: 86p

Grave of The Trunk Lady, Vivien W. Klim (Hampton)  28: 73p; 29: 87; LE: 27p

Grave of unknown Emily (Rahway)  25: 32p; LE: 116p

Grave of witch stoned to death – Rancocas Creek/Pinewald private cemetery (Burlington) 26: 66; 28: 14

Grave plot covered with broken green glass (Smithville)  28: 75p; LE: 24p

Grave surrounded by iron bed fencing (Ellenville, NY)  18: 82p

Grave with holly tree growing out of it  20: 52p

Grave with lounging area at Mount Olivet Cemetery (Red Bank)  28: 75p; LE: 84p

Grave with weird dates at Fairmount Cemetery (Phillipsburg)  22: 53p

Grave with window — burial place of Merritt Beardsley (Oxford, NY)  30: 94p

Graves of Walt Whitman and “Charlotte S. Webb” at Harleigh Cemetery (Camden)

27: 58p

Graves overtaken by Mother Nature  LE: 18p-19p

Gravestone along the Passaic River (North Arlington)  28: 70; 29: 16; LE: 116p

Gravestone depicting the Grim Reaper breaking the pillars of time (Basking Ridge) LE: 25p

Graves under the N.J. Performing Arts Center (Newark)  6: 15; 18: 67; 19: 92; LE: 112

Graves under Prudential Center Arena (Newark)  25: 4; LE: 112-113

“Graveyard” of rides at Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson)  28: 86

“Green Light” Cemetery (Middletown)  6: 4, 7; 9: 23; 10: 27; LE: 36-38

Guitar gravestone at Prospect Hill Cemetery (Caldwell)  29 82p

Guitar gravestone at St. Mary’s Cemetery (Barnegat)  18: 68p

Gypsy King Naylor Harrison at Hillside Cemetery (Madison)  14: 50p; LE: 54p

Handmade stone gravemarker (Jefferson)  LE: 85p

Handmade stone gravemarker (New Providence)  26: 64p; LE: 85p

Hardman Grave at Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Newark)  21: 33p

Haunted bumper cars at Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson)  28: 86

Haunted Grave of Lieutenant Geary (Ringoes)  14: 52p; LE: 74p

“Have Fun Will Travel / He die with his boots on” gravestone (Bernards)  25: 35p; LE: 30p

Heavenly Theatre pet grave of Paradiddle Ben (Linwood)  LE: 87p, 93

“He had his father’s eyes” grave  31: 64p; LE: 30p

“He loved history, He is history” gravestone at Greenwich Cemetery (Greenwich) 27: 58p

“Here lies Jack in a box” grave  LE: 30p

Herman Munster grave (Montclair/Clifton)  15: 74

Hickey and Kiss gravestones at Hollywood Memorial Park (Union)  23: 44p

Hiscock Grave (northern NJ)  21: 33p

Hofheimer Family Mausoleum (Warren)  8: 8p-9p; 10: 5, 6; 21: 85p

“Home for the Holidays” gravestone (Burlington)  25: 35p

Homemade stone gravemarker (New Providence)  26: 64p

Hoopar boys – mushroom poisoning (Edison)  11: 30p; LE: 120p

Humorous headstones — Booser and Drinks  26: 73p; LE: 16p

Humorous headstones at Rahwah Cemetery –

Assman, Downer, Titman  14: 51p; 16: 36p; LE 16p

Ichabod Crane at Old Asbury Methodist Church – the real person (Staten Island)  13: 55p

Ichabod Crane at Rosedale Cemetery (Orange)  9: 27p

Ichabod Cranes side-by-side at Hillside Cemetery (Madison)  13: 55p

“I did it my way” grave  31: 64p; LE: 30p

“I’d rather be dead than in Keansburg” grave of Carl “Snooky” Chimenti in Mount Olivet Cemetery (Middletown)  33: 70p; LE: 16p

“In God We Trust” grave of Reverend Mark R. Watkinson (Pemberton)  24: 34p; LE: 28p

“I lived every day as a vacation with just a few bumps in the road” grave  31: 64p; LE: 30p

Inventor of octane (Cassville)  4: 17

Isolated grave (Dumont)  10: 7

“I told you I was sick” grave  LE: 30p

“I told you I was sick” grave in Mahannath Cemetery (Glassboro)  LE: 13p

“I told you I was sick” grave in Princeton Graveyard (Princeton)  24: 34p

“I told you I was sick” grave in St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery (Stirling)  20: 52p

“I wasn’t here for a long time, but I had a good time” grave  31: 64p; LE: 16p

“Jack in a box grave” at St. Joseph’s Cemetery (Toms River)  29: 83p

James Bechtold’s Three Stooges grave in Hillside Cemetery (Metuchen)  32: 68p; 33: 16; LE: 12p-13p

“Jersey City pileup” children’s grave at cemetery (Jersey City)  24: 34p

John P. Holland, father of the modern submarine  10: 2p; LE: 79p

Kitchen, Potts and Bacon gravemarker at Westminister Cemetery (Roxborough, PA) 21: 90p

Knight / Meares grave (Fort Lee)  28: 75p

“Lad” (Wayne)  6: 27; 9: 27p, LE: 94p-95p

“Last Flight” grave  23: 44p

Lazyboy grave marker at Eglinton Cemetery (Clarksboro)  21: 30p; LE: 84p

Lee and Grant buried side-by-side at Graceland Memorial Park (Kennilworth)  16: 36p

Leo the MGM Lion (Long Hill)  6: 13; LE: 88p-89p

Lewis Family  7: 32-33; 8: 45p; 11: 11

“Life’ll kill ya” gravestone (Princeton)  25: 35p; LE: 30p

Little Fisherman’s Grave (Princeton)  28: 73p

Little Willie (Nutley)  9: 26p; 12: 7-8; 13: 9-10

“Live long and prosper” grave  23: 44p; 24: 19p

“Lively” grave  26: 64p

Lone Headstone (Lodi)  23: 44p; 24: 18p

Lonely grave of Jennifer Russo (Manahawkin)  26: 91p; 27: 93p; 32: 25p; LE: 98p

Lust gravestone at Mt. Calvary Cemetery (Butler)  22: 52p

Mad Dog 20/20 grave at East Ridgelawn Cemetery (Clifton)  29: 82p; LE: 22

Mailbox grave (Wall)  25: 28p

“Mandarin” the elephant buried off Sandy Hook  18: 26; LE: 94-95d

“Manly” graves — Hardman, Dickman & Beerman  19: 52p; LE: 16p

Mary Ann Perrigo’s grave (Montague) 14: 51p; 15: 75p; LE: 22p

Mary Ellis in middle of Rt. 1 Flea Market (New Brunswick)  6: 15; 8: 28p; 11: 2; 14: 10; 26: 4; 28: 29; LE: 59p

Mary Moore at St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery (Edison)  13: 60-61; 20: 55; 21: 35

Mass grave of the Powhatan shipwreck on Route 9 (Manahawkin)  LE: 111p

Mass grave of S.S. Bremen fire victims at Floral Hill Cemetery (West New York)  14: 52

Mass graves at Meadowview Mental Hospital [“Snake Hill”] (Secaucus) 11: 32; 18: 16-17; 20: 15; 21: 16; 22: 15; 29: 28p-29p

Mass graves at Potter’s Field behind EMS center (Paramus)  1-3: 22; 24: 38; LE: 114

Mass reburial and marker at Pluckemin Presbyterian Church on Route 202/206 (Pluckemin)  LE: 112

Memorial to fisherman at Paulinskill Viaduct (Warren County)  LE: 99p

Memorial to Unclie Willie at Garrett Mountain Reservation (Paterson)  LE: 99p

Mercedes Benz gravestone at Linden Park Cemetery (Linden)  4: 8; 5: 16p; 8: 29p; 9: 32; 10: 6; LE: 57p

Message gravestones  29: 83p

Missing grave of Captain Buck (Millville)  26: 67

Model-T tombstone at Rocky Hill Cemetery (Rocky Hill)  16: 36p; LE: 12p

Morgan the Pirate’s grave (Morgan)  1-3: 10; 14: 26

Morristown Pauper’s graveyard  20: 54p

Morse Family Burying-ground (Linden)  7: 18p-19

“Most misunderstood man” grave at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery  18: 68p

“Most Unhappy” gravestone of Henry William Herbert at Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Newark)  27: 57; LE: 28p

“Mother” statue in Rosedale Cemetery (West Orange)  10: 27p

Mound of graves (Oakland)  10: 4-5

Mournful vine-covered statue in Fairview Cemetery  15: 75p

Mr. Weidmann (Paterson)  9: 27p

Murderer’s Bridge crime and gravesite (Changewater)  6: 13-14, 16; 9: 25; 16: 37p; LE: 55p

“Musical” memorials – Rapp, Rock, Pop, Funk, C.W., Christian, Urban & Christmas 30: 6p; LE: 31p

Mysterious grave of Mattie Brown (Egg Harbor)  21: 35p; LE: 116-117p

Mystery tombstone at Lambert Castle (Paterson)  19: 56p; LE: 116p

Mystery tombstone in backyard (Newark)  14: 5

New Jersey Devils new arena built on old graveyard  28: 75

“New Jersey’s Oldest Resident”? — Grave with dates 1616-2004  23: 18

Night Life – famous Atlantic City dog interred at Clara-Glen Pet Cemetery (Linwood)  17: 70; LE: 93p

“No Nicht There” grave  LE: 30p

“No really I’m fine” grave  31: 64p; LE: 30p

“No tears in Heaven” grave  LE: 30p

Numbered gravestones at Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital (Marlboro)  13: 54p; 25: 11; 27: 23; LE: 114

“Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk” grave at Pleasant Mills Cemetery (Pleasant Mills)  22: 52p; LE: 13p

Old Graves uncovered by “The Hills” housing development (Bernards)  12: 14; LE: 113

Old Mary’s grave (Hackensack)  5: 22

Old tombstones at Space Farms Zoo and Museum (Beemerville)  25: 28p

Painted terra cotta graves (Middlesex County)  27: 56p

Paramount Theater (Asbury Park)  RG: 29-30; 31: 23

Parkway Grave (Cape May County)  20: 53p

“Party is Over” grave in Valeau Cemetery (Ridgewood)  20: 52p; LE: 16p

Pauper’s graveyard (Barnegat)  29: 72-73p

Pauper’s graveyard at Evergreen Cemetery  20: 54p; LE: 114-115p

Peace Sign grave (Totowa)  9: 31p-32p

Perkins children grave at Springfield Methodist  (Springfield)  LE: 121p

Peter H. Ballantine [beer baron] at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Newark)  17: 46p

Petrified People [monuments]  LE: 80p-83p

Phantom of Felician College graveyard (Lodi)  32: 64p

Piano gravestone at Mt. Calvary Cemetery (Butler)  22: 55p

Podman patrol car grave (Tuckerton)  24: 34p; 25: 14

Polka gravestone at Greenwood Cemetery (Brielle)  30: 87p

Porcelain gravestone (Atlantic County)  21: 33p; LE: 85p

Princess Susanna Bokonyi — “World’s Oldest Midget” at Glenwood Cemetery (Vernon) 23: 24p; LE: 50p

Pyramid Mausoleum at Floral Hill Cemetery (West New York)  11: 31p; 16: 65

“Quack” grave  31: 64p

Queen family gravesite – victims of axe murderer Paul Maywoon at Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Mount Pleasant)  31: 63p; LE: 121p

Rainbow grave (Princeton)  19: 56p

“Remain here” bench at St. Mary’s Cemetery (Hamilton)  25: 35p

Revolutionary war graves along Cannon Ball Road (Ramapo Mountain)  1-3: 11

“Revolution will not be televised” gravestone (Princeton)  25: 35p; LE: 30p

Rex the Wonder Dog grave at Clara-Glen Pet Cemetery (Linwood)  17: 70p; LE: 87p, 93

Roadside grave (Tewksbury)  25: 28p

Rocketship gravestone at Mt. Hebron Cemetery (Montclair)  18: 67p; LE: 79p

“Sad, angry story” gravestone at Presbyterian Cemetery (Succasunna)  23: 44p

Salvaged Sprites – artist turns graveyard trash into decorative ornaments  LE: 24p

Satanik family gravestone (Bound Brook)  23: 44p

Schaeffer “Last call” grave with view of Pabst Brewery bottle  26: 64p

“Shakespeare” graves – Julius Caesar, Hamlett, Mac Beth and Montague at Rosedale Cemetery (West Orange)  31: 62p

Shaking grave at Hurdtown Methodist Cemetery on Route 15 (Jefferson)  21: 33; 24: 39; LE: 34p

Shaler family grave along Indian Cabin Road (Egg Harbor City)  18: 42p-43p; 19: 92; 33: 21

“She was and is Joy Joy Joy” grave  LE: 30p

Shrine to Willie on Garret Mountain (Paterson)  25: 93p

Silence gravestone at First Presbyterian Church (Metuchen)  22: 52p

Singin’ Sam Stevens in Evergreen Cemetery (Hillside)  11: 29p

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” grave marker at Spruce Run Lutheran Cemetery (Glen Gardner)  26: 64p; LE: 30p

Smith Family multiple burials at Cedar Grove Cemetery (Somerset/Franklin)  16: 36p; LE: 120p

Snowhite gravestone St. Mary’s Cemetery (Rosenhayn)  22: 52p

Snyder Family Graveyard (Wyckoff)  28: 74; LE: 105d

Soldier’s grave at Wenonah Cemetery (Wenonah)  22: 52p

Sowerbutt family stone in Cedar Lawn Cemetery (Paterson)  20: 52p

Spark plug [Llewellyn] grave (Bergenfield)  25: 29p; LE: 22-23p

Spinning headstone at Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery (Saddle Brook)  24: 39p; LE: 38p

SpongeBob Squarepants – Metallica on gravestone of Nicholas Mascolo  29: 82p

Stadium seats as grave marker  19: 54

Standing statues of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery  23: 4p, 38p-39p

Stones of the Unknown  LE: 109p

Strong / Knapp grave at Fair View Cemetery (Red Bank)  28: 75p

Suicide (?) gravestone at abandoned cemetery (Wawayanda)  26: 66

Swing gravestone at Bloomfield Cemetery (Bloomfield)  30: 87p

Tango gravestone at St. Gertrude’s Cemetery (Colonia)  30: 87p

Teetering tombstone of Old Tennent Church Cemetery (Manalapan)  18: 68p

“Thanks we had a wonderful time” grave  LE: 30p

Thorp Family graves at First Presbyterian Churchyard (East Hanover)  9: 22p; LE: 120p

Todisco gravestone at St. Gertrude’s Cemetery (Colonia)  30: 87p

Tombstone found by streetsweepers (North Bergen)  22: 54; LE: 116

Tombstone shaped like a tree trunk at Newton Cemetery (Newton)  21: 31p

Tombstone with a devil image (Carey, OH)  29: 98

Tombstones at the Regency Club condos (Livingston)  LE: 105

Tombstones with upward pointing hand (Trenton)  25: 28p

Top 10 scenic New Jersey Cemeteries  LE: 82

Totem pole gravestone at Friends Meeting House Cemetery  29: 82p

Train-themed gravestone (Morristown)  28: 41p; LE: 79p

Tribute marker to Peg Leg the seagull (Long Beach Island)  25: 80p; 27: 11; LE: 91p

Tribute to fisherman at Paulinskill Viaduct (Blairstown)  23: 44p; 25: 19

Unmarked grave in backyard (Jamesburg)  31: 8

Unusual graves at Chatsworth Cemetery (Chatsworth)  25: 30p; 26: 67p

Unusual gravestones at Hazelwood Cemetery (Rahway)

Bingo card, automobile, train, empty frame, postage stamp  27: 57p

Victims of New Era shipwreck buried at Old First Methodist Church (Long Branch) 27: 6; LE: 111-112

Violent criminals segregated in cemetery (Carlstadt)  11: 32

Violin gravestone at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Millville)  22: 55p

Volleyball net set up in graveyard (East Greenwich)  28: 73p

Waltz gravestone at Maplewood Cemetery (Freehold)  30: 87p

Ware family gravesite – multiple deaths in 1933 (Bridgeton)  13: 57p

Weary Willie (Nutley)  9: 26

Website/Star Wars grave-site at Hazelwood Cemetery (Rahway)  15: 76p; 16: 11, 12

“Well done” gravestone (Hightstown)  25: 35p

“We’re just passing through” grave  31: 64p

Wierdo gravestone  27: 58p

Witch buried upright (Elmwood Park)  11: 4

Witch’s grave (Sayreville)  14: 64

Witches’ grave and sacrificial table at Newton Cemetery (Newton)  21: 31p

Woman buried in her car  16: 36

Wooden totem pole at the Friend’s Meetinghouse Cemetery (Randolph)  LE: 85p

“World’s Greatest Electrician” grave (Totowa)  8: 29p; 9: 31p-32p; 11: 2

Yagoo’s Road/Ghost of Yagoo (Millington)  8: 31

“Yesterday is History…” gravestone (Princeton)  27: 58p

Yourstone grave  19: 56p

Zaccone “Big Sneaker” gravestone (Belleville/Bloomfield)  12: 60p

Zip, the What Is It?” Grave in Bound Brook Cemetery  10: 28p-29p; LH: 38; LE: 52p

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