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A handy reference guide to finding Roadside Oddities that have been featured in Weird NJ.

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Subject/Topic/Personal or Place Name (Geographic Location) Issue# : Pages

Special issues are designated by the following acronyms:  LE = Last ExitLH =Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird N.J.NP = Nightshade on the PassaicRG = Weird N.J. 2003 Roadside GuideTCR = Tales From Clinton Road.

Multiple index entries are separated by a semi-colon (;). Page numbering in Weird N.J. magazine did not begin until Issue #6. The page numbering given for Issues #1 through #5 is modeled after the format of later issues (i.e., the cover is counted as page 1).

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Roadside Oddities

666 Mailbox (town??)  30: 8p

7 mile per hour Speed Limit sign on Route 22 (Watchung)  25: 45p

Abandoned black gas stations  24: 73

Abandoned building with old film posters in window (Roselle Park)  21: 12p

Abandoned car at diner for many years (Denville)  19: 49p

Abandoned Chevy on rooftop (Bivalve)  24: 85p

Abandoned Route 1 houses (Edison)  17: 28p

Abandoned stand with modernist faces (Barnegat)  30: 60p

Abe Lincoln grafitti (Neptune/Wall)  29: 54p

Absecon Ship House aka Neptune’s Garden aka Absecon Beach Camp (Absecon)

14: 20-21dp; 33: 82p

“Airmail” mailbox (Robbinsville)  25: 49p

Alfred E. Newman look-alike statue (Seaside/Lavalette)  aka Ma Moo

6: 21; RG: 63; 27: 93p

Alligator tree (Sussex County)  22: 70p

America/New Jersey sign  26: 3p

“Anal” pig roast sign (Lawrenceville/Pennington)  30: 64p

Andy’s Antiques (Ledgewood)  RG: 53p; 28: 28p

Angry farm sign – “Thieving Bastards Burn in Hell” (Roanoke, VA)  29: 98p

Angry sign outside the Mudtown Bunny Ranch (Mudtown)  18: 47p; 20: 6

Antique bath tubs along the Black Horse Pike (Atlantic City)  RG: 55p

Antique steam engine and cars at Pine Creek Railroad (Allaire State Park)  20: 18

Archie’s Resale Shop (Meyersville)  7: 24p; 10: 49p; 16: 11; RG: 52p; 21: 15; 25: 10-11

Assyrian Bull God statue (Lumberton)  24: 1p, 71p; 25: 54d; 28: 58p; 29: 84

Attic Antique Store — Spectro-Chrometry Machine and the Pig (Long Beach Island)

22: 68p

“Baby-faced Breakfast” (Ocean City)  20: 68; 21: 12

aka “Scary-Face Breakfast Place”, Sunny Side Up Restaurant

Baby head with rooster coming out (Winslow)  28: 1p, 54p

“Bad Hair Day” house (Atlantic City)  RG: 79p

Bakery Dummy of Le Jardin (Maplewood)  RG: 35p

Balls on towing hitch (Lawrenceville)  33: 84p

Bally Total Fitness protest sign (Spotswood)  26: 80p

Beast statue (Hammonton)  24: 1p; 25: 13

Beatles mural at Kelly’s Pub  (Carteret)  32: 58p-59p


“Because” grafitti (Middlesex County)  30: 75p; 31: 23

Bedrock USA statue display (Cripple Creek, CO)  30: 98p

“Beer is cheaper than gas, drink don’t drive sign” (Wantage)  32: 58p

Beer Street (Holmdel)  30: 64p

Belvidere Dinosaur Rock (Belvidere)  13: 50p

“Benny Go Home” road sign (Brick)  29: 99p

Berlin Farmer’s Market (Berlin)  RG: 58

Bert Parks Singing Statue (Atlantic City)  15: 44; RG: 51p

Betty Beavers gas station (Otego, NY)  30: 97p

Bewitched street names (Brick)  25: 51d

“B Forgive Me” stencilled sign (Rochelle Park)  RG: 10p; 24: 71p

Bicycle Tree  31: 18p

Big bottle at Budweiser brewery  1-3: 23

“Big Pig” anti-government float (Alpine)  27: 49p

Big rusted metal balls along the Skuykill River (Pennsylvania)  30: 97p

“Bitchin’ Van” (Brick)  29: 56p

Black and white “Toynbee” tile message in N.J. Turnpike (Bellmawr)  22: 74p; 24: 19

Black and white “Toynbee” tile message in N.J. Turnpike (Union)  33: 15

Boat House — ship-shaped house (Hawthorne)  14: 22p; 15: 46

Bob Saget faces and messages (Middletown)  29: 57p

Body of SpongeBob Squarepants on Burger King roof (Cedar Grove)  27: 54p

“Bones of Belmar” skeleton in window (Belmar)  29: 57p

“Boob Bulb” mural on Decker Road (Flemington)  18: 45p

“Boobie Tree” on Union Valley Road (West Milford)  29: 56p

Bottles and rocks set on Route 287 median (Parsippany)  21: 16p

Bottle-shaped building (Bayville)  1-3: 23

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Belmar)  RG: 42p

Boy Roads – Attaboy, Gayboy, Handyboy, Highboy & Orphanboy (Middletown)

18: 48p; 19: 8; RG: 48p

Bra on stop sign  32: 46p

Bridge to Nowhere

Chatham  11: 4

Manahawkin  26: 91p; 27: 93p; 32: 25p

Bust of Mercury on gates to Hellis Farms (Jobstown)  22: 1p

Buttonwoods – “New Jersey’s Deliverance” (Wayne)

16: 68p-71; 17: 8-9; 18: 9-10; 19: 78; LH: 98-100; 21: 87d; 30: 15; 31: 23;

NP: 39p-43p

Caboose house (Middletown)  RG: 79p

Call Girl dummy in phonebooth (Summerville, PA)  28: 98p

Car engine mailbox (town??)  30: 8p

Car in dumpster (Deptford)  21: 16p

Carpet car (Atlantic City)  28: 55p

Car tailgate stuck high up in tree (South Brunswick)  20: 68

“Casey” message building (Lafayette)  29: 69p

Castle Stump (Hightstown)  25: 42p

“Cat” for sale at Wooley’s Fish Market (Howell)  31: 75p

Cat hospital/Chinese restaurant sign (Brick)  26: 80p

“Caution Weird Load” car (Garden State Parkway)  21: 64

Cherubs and slayer graffiti (Point Pleasant)  32: 46p

Chick-fil-A “Eat Mor Chikin” sign  21: 64p

Chicky Galore restaurant sign (Woodbridge)  23: 70p

see Clinton Road

Columbus Farmer’s Market race-changing sign (Burlington County)  23: 71p

Confusing East Lakeside Drive signs (Highland Lakes)  22: 74p

Confusing enter/exit sign (Pittstown)  30: 64p

Confusing entrance sign (North Haledon)  23: 70p

Confusing exit sign at Wayne Mountain View Plaza (Wayne)  32: 46p

Confusing price sign (Paterson)  31: 74p

Confusing speed limit sign (town?)  28: 57p

Confusing street sign near Brunswick Square Mall (East Brunswick)  31: 74p

Conservative signs of Route 17 (Hasbrouck Heights)  20: 68

Controversial living signs (East Brunswick)  27: 4

Convention Hall tombstone (Asbury Park)  24: 66p

Country boy statue at Route 30 hamburger place (Atlantic City)  26: 50p

Cowboy Steakhouse, three-story cowboy sign (Forked River)  5: 20p; RG: 20p

Cow sculpture on the move (Edison)  20: 66p

Crazy crossroads — intersection of Overbrook and Greystone (Connecticut)  30: 96p

Creepy dolls in window display of Metuchen Savings Bank (Metuchen)  33: 83p

Creepy New York Boulevard (South Plainfield)  23: 61

Creepy structures at the Stone Museum (Jamesburg)  26: 50p

Crocodile-cowboy sculpture (Pompton Lakes)  27: 84p

Cumberland County Route 54 sculptures  5: 4p, 30p

“Cyclown”, the Display World clown sculpture (Jamesburg)  5: cp; RG: 69p

Days Inn “There you go” sign (Edison)  21: 65

“Dead Zone” — marker at site of Revolutionary War executions (Brielle)  30: 62p

Death spot of President Garfield (Elberon)  12: 62p; LE: 121p

Decorative coconut trees (Cedar Grove/Clifton/Paterson)  19: 51

Decorative toilet on lawn (Somerville)  20: 68

Del Buono’s Bakery — Animal and character sculptures (Mount Ephraim)  22: 70p

Demented clowns at the Circus Drive-in restaurant (South Belmar)  21: 63p

Demon Tree (Mahwah)  26: 48p

Dental Arts building big-butt sculptures (Middletown)  RG: 11p

Devil Face (Boonton)  19: 1p, 42p-43p; 20: 6; 24: 18p

Devil Faced Building (Fairview)  16: 47p; 27: 1p

Devil skeleton (Totowa)  11: cp, 7p; 12: 10; 13: 50p

Devil’s Eye (West Berlin)  20: 46

Devil’s Tree (Bernards)

10: 14p; 11: 22-23; 13: 74; 14: 48; 15: 46; 16: 65; 20: 74; 22: 8; 23: 10; 24: 15;                               26: 14-15, 22-24; 27: 15, 43; 33: 29p

Dining car (Middlesex)  21: 92p

Dining car being re-used (Belvidere)  21: 92p; 22: 76p

Dinorock simulacra (Buttzville)  28: 50p

Dinosaur Rock on Mount Airy-Harbourton Road (Lambertville)  31: 79p; 32: 18

Dinosaur Rock (Lebanon)  14: 44p; RG: 47p

Dinosaur statue (Dennisville)  26: 50p

Dino skull sign near Parvin State Park (Pine Barrens)  30: 63p

Dipshit sign (Laurel Springs)  30: 64p

Disembodied figure sculptures at Pier Village (Long Branch)  31: 78p

Disguised cellular phone towers  11: 54p; 20: 66p

Display of life-size figures at antiques store along Route 57 (Greenwich)  27: 48

Disturbing statues of children at Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital

(New Brunswick) 22: 66p

Dollar and cent tar pattern in Garden State Parkway  19: 51

“Donate your kid — Free Towing” sign (Garfield)  28: 57p

“Don’t Hump This Truck” on Route 287 (Basking Ridge)  25: 45p

Doo Wop Motels (Wildwood)

Lollipop, Starluxe, Caribbean and others make preservation list  27: 8p

Dueling angus burger billboards (Long Valley)  31: 74p

Duyne Cider Mill  aka Troll Capitol of the World  1-3: 7

“Easter Bunny” house (Spotswood)  RG: 77p

Ed “Elvis” Geil & Dolores, “Cult of the Wavers” (Wayne)  9: 3p; 18: 10; 29: 57p;

33: 12p

Edison Generator overturned car (Edison)  18: 45p; RG: 50

Edison’s Concrete Highway (New Village)  RG: 78p

Edison’s Light Tower (Menlo Park)  RG: 4d; 28: 29-30

Egg-O-Mat – egg vending machine (Warren)  11: 52p; 15: 46; 16: 65; 24: 19

“Elf Rage” building (Belmar)  27: 43p

Emilio Carranza memorial – Mexican aviator (Tabernacle)  31: 75p

English Telephone Booth (Allendale)  14: 44p; RG: 43p

Enthusiastic baptism (Belleville)  23: 70p

Esposito’s 10 pound boners  31: 75p

Etched Accident (Roselle Park)  28: 67p

“Eternal Flame” sculpture – “Largest Hand in N.J.” (Roxbury)  9: 9

Evil gnomes at East Orange High School  19: 50p; 24: 66p

Evil child mannequins at Daffy’s Clothing (Wayne)  23: 67p

Evil clown sculpture at “Greek’s Playland” aka “Cyclown” / Display World  (Jamesburg)

5: cp; RG: 69p; 22: 10; 31: 22

Evil Tree (West Milford)  11: 3p; 31: 23p

Exceed the speed limit… earn points! (Rockaway)  26: 80p

Exit 98 EZ Pass spitballer (Garden State Parkway)  29: 56p

Fabulous Funky Flea (Morris Plains)  22: 68p

Fairy Tale Forest (Oak Ridge)  14: 71p-72p, 74p; 28: 21p; 31: 78

Fake rats hanging from power lines (Medford)  31: 91p

Fart and Poop Bridge near Lyon’s Mall (Basking Ridge)  29: 99p

“Fart” shoulder along Route 22  28: 48p

Female Sphinx statue (Ringwood Manor)  18: 1p

Fireside Steakhouse and Village (Winslow)  28: 95p; 29: 20

Fish statue at Legal Seafoods (Short Hills)  23: 69p

Flagship, building (Union)  1-3: 23; 14: 20, 22p; 20: 18p

Flem Pizza sign (Flemington)  10: 6p-7

Flowerpot Man in abandoned yard on Delsa Drive (Clayton)  29: 65p

Food Circus Clown  aka “Most Evil Clown in N.J.” (Middletown)

6: 24; 7: cp; 18: 84p; 19: 6d; RG: 4d, 62p, 67; 21: 12; 22: 8

Foul Rift Road (Belvidere)  21: 62p

Fred Kanter (Mountain Lakes)

Boat in a tree, bowling ball pyramid and futuristic car from “Sleeper”

26: 76p-78p

Imitation police car and hearse on display  28: 6

Free coffee with live bait sign (Andover)  30: 65p

“Free spins” casino sign near wind farm (Atlantic City)  31: 75p

Fuddrucker’s – “Fresh meat butchered daily” sign (Edison)  28: 94p

“Funny Face” Street (Hawthorne)  14: 43p

FU’s Chinese Restaurant (Sparta)  31: 74p

Garage of Saturn (May’s Landing)  26: 51p

George’s Bait & Tackle & Music (Bricktown)  8: 20p; 28: 58

“Ghost sign” on Main Street (Rahway)  29: 68p

Giant beer bottle at Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery (Newark)

16: 48; RG: 4d; 23: 16, 26p-31p; 25: 14; 26: 4p, 52p-53p, 64p; 27: 82p; 33: 8

Giant bottle-shaped water tower  10: bp

Giant bowling pin and ball (Union)  RG: 71p

Giant cat statues (Vienna)  13: 51p

Giant chicken outside Fishers grocery store (Hopewell)  15: 36p; RG: 68p

Giant cow sculpture (Cowtown)  RG: 69p

Giant cow of Bennett’s Lane (Franklin Park)  20: 66p; 21: 12

Giant Cowboy of Cowtown (Woodstown)  RG: 68p

Giant ear of corn sculpture at Pastore Farms (Hammonton)  27: 55p

Giant fish lawn ornament (Cape May)  29: 57p

Giant inflatable rat (Atlantic City)  RG: 70p

Giant martini glass in front of Bubba’s Discount Liquors (Vineland)  18: 47p; RG: 69p

Giant Miss Uniroyal statue (Blackwood)  25: 57p

Giant paint can (Middletown)  6: 24

Giant penis fountain (Pearl River, NY)  20: 92p

Giant raisin statue (Egg Harbor)  21: 64p

Giant Santa Claus (Wayne)  RG: 70p

Giant straw bear (Sussex County)  RG: 69p

Giant straw bee (Sussex County)  RG: 69p

Giant Toothbrush (Blairstown)  RG: 68p

Giant tooth sculpture (Mercerville)  15: 44p; RG: 70p

Giant vacuum cleaner (Keyport)  24: 69p

Giant vagina sculpture of Rockland County (NY)  20: 92p

Gingerbread Castle (Hamburg)

14: 70p, 73p-74p; 15: 8-10; RG: 46p; 25: 19; 27: 10, 93p; 28: 12, 29; 29: 44p-48p; 31: 23p

Glass-eyed “Virgin” Statue – Mother Cabrini (Belleville)  15: 1p; 16: 11; 18: 64p

Goa Way (“Bennies”) – amusingly named street (Ocean Beach)  26: 80p; 28: 17

“God Lies” grafitti (Burlington)  20: 68

Good Shepherd sculpture (Bernardsville)  7: 20

Grafitti Rock (Livingston/West Orange)  11: 53p; 12: 7

Grammatically-challenged sign — “sprinklered” (Greenwich Village, NY)  30: 96p

see Gravity Hill

see Gravity Road

“Grateful Dead” sign  at Philadelphia Church (Jefferson)  31: 78p

Gross Street (South Amboy)  27: 18p

Grove Street railroad station placed on top of another building (East Orange)  24: 85p

Hanging doll at jobsite (Edison)  30: 61p

Happy Birthday skeleton on side of Wall Auto Wreckers on Route 71 (Belmar)  33: 84p

“The Happy Nig” aka The Old Lockup  (Pemberton)  19: 87p

Haunted House with the Coffin Door (Wenonah)  20: 72p

Head in a tree (Deptford)  19: 51

Headless orange robot of Route 322 (Williamstown)  23: 66p

Head of Franklin Delano Roosevelt statue (Roosevelt)  21: 64p

Hell gas station sign on Route 3 (Clifton)  9: 46p; 32: 46p

Herman Munster graffiti across from Sea Girt Lanes (Sea Girt)  33: 84p

Hermit House (Avon-by-the-Sea)  16: 44p

“Hideous Pinky” truck (Howell)  RG: 43p

Highway Harry (Tinton Falls)  RG: 16

Hippo Rock in the Musconetcong River (Hackettstown)  RG: 47p

Historic Nixon grafitti (Summit)  19: 49p

Hitler quote on roadside sign (Wantage)  32: 8

Hookers sign (Lyndhurst)  31: 75p

House with a face on it (Madison)  19: 51

House with divorce-related protest signs (Mine Hill)  23: 70p

Houses with Astroturf lawns (East Rutherford)  31: 79p

Howard Stern Reststop (Springfield)  7: 22

Hydrant house (Hawthorne)  RG: 79p

“I bomb NJ” sign  31: 74p

Ideal Auto Sales (Hightstown)  16: 47p

Ideal Kitchens humorous sign  32: 46p

“IF” House (Wayne)  14: 43p

“I Love You” tar pattern (Garden State Parkway)  12: 42

“The Image” on steel door (Wall)  30: 60p

Incredibly ugly fence (Far Hills)  24: 69p

Intersection of Brotherhood St. and International Ave. (Piscataway)  20: 93p

Intersection of Freedom Ave. and Justice St. (Piscataway)  20: 93p

“I partied with the Jersey Devil” sign at Pine Barren Liquors and Deli (town??)  28: 56p

Ivy Guy (Alexandria)  33: 83p

Ivy Guy (Elk Township)  28: 49p

“Jacob’s Ladder” road (Somerset Hills)  12: 26, 28p; 14: 7-8

see Jenny Jump Falls/Rock

Jamaican Tree Mon (Ewing)  31: 77p

Jersey accent sign on Doty Road (Wanaque)  23: 71p

Jesus and Holy Family curbside display (Hamilton)  31: 78p

Jesus in a UFO billboard  27: 8

Joe Cerce, “Cult of the Wavers” aka Wavin’ Joe  (Totowa)

8: 3p; 11: 2; 16: 87; 19: 73d; 30: 9

Joe Dirt sign (South Hackensack)  28: 57p

Johnson Plaza, development that never was (Hanover)  21: 12p

Kangaroo Crossing sign (Keansburg)  RG: 50p

Kilroy’s Market – retro grocery store featured on the TV show “Ed” (Glen Rock)  27:20

King Neptune statue (Butler/Franklin/Lake Hopatcong)  11: 52p; 24: 69p

“Lackawannasaurus” footprints on road (Byram)  16: 44p; 20: 67p

Lake Forest Yacht Club – Penis Lessons (Lake Hopatcong)  31: 75p

Land of Make Believe (Hope)  14: 71-73p; 15: 10; 27: 93

“Last chance to fill your teeth” dentist (town?)  28: 56p

Leaning House (Wayne)  29: 66p

Lewd sign at First Baptist Church (Willingboro)  32: 46p

Life-size car repair diorama (Cape May County)  19: 48p

Life-size dinosaur sculptures

Alpha  RG: 44p; 29: 90p-91p

Cherry Hill  RG: 47p

Farmingdale  RG: 45p-46p; 26: 13p

Gingerbread Castle (Hamburg)  RG: 46p; 29: 44p-48p

“Light Dispelling Darkness” fountain in Roosevelt Park (Edison)  14: 39p; 25: 11

“Lights out” at The Manor (East Windsor)  30: 65p

Little Metal Man (Dingman’s Ferry)  23: 69p

Little Metal Man (Pennsauken)  23: 68p

Live and dead bait (Hackettstown)  30: 64p

Lois Lane street sign (Lakewood)  30: 64p

Lou Costello memorial (Paterson)  12: 63p; RG: 10p

Lucy the Elephant (Margate)  1-3: 23; RG: 7p; 22: 16; 24: 68d; 27: 92p

Lumberjack statue (Jersey City)  4: 23; 6: 21

“Lunar Landscape” house (Vineland)  RG: 79p

“Mad Hungarian’s Junkyard” (Warren County)  21: 52p

Madonna of Route 17 (Rock Hill, NY)  23: 18

see Magnetic Hill

Maiden head placed on building each summer (Point Pleasant)  29: 54p

Mannequin at Elaine’s Bed & Breakfast (Cape May)  26: 48p

Marc Snyder’s prescription protest house (May’s Landing)  21: 16

Martin Urbanski’s Trading Post (Meyersville)  7: 24

Mary Murray, beached ferry along the Turnpike (Raritan River)

1-3: 22; 4: 16; 14: 20p-21; 26: 42p; 31: 23p; 33: 8, 10

Mason-Dixon line moves north (Jefferson)  26: 49p

Mathematics on road sign (Princeton)  29: 69p

Mausoleum open house (Franklin)  20: 69p

McDonald’s McTitty sign (Hillsborough)  32: 46p

Menacing robot sculpture (Ewing)  18: 44p

“Men not at work” protest sign (Dayton)  30: 65p

Menz’s Restaurant outdoor figures (Rio Grande)  7: 20; 8: 21p; RG: 38, 40; 30: 49p

Metalhead (Keansburg)  26: 49p

“Metal monstrosity” sculpture (Newark)  12: 17p; RG: 9p

MGS Champagne/Propane bottle (Bayville)  5: 15p; RG: 20p

“Mind Control” car (Burlington County Library)  16: 55p

Miniature Kingdom (Washington, Warren County)  1-3: 11; 13: 67p; 14: 12

Miniature medical figures on top of bus stop (New Brunswick)  19: 50p

Miss Uniroyal statue on Black Horse Pike (Gloucester)  18: 44p-45p; 23: 66p; 29: 85p

Mister Softee building (Runnemede)  25: 49p

Moan and Groan Road (Hope, NY)  20: 92p

Model Dairy – “A Totally Electric Building” (Dover)  16: 46p

Modified poop-scoop sign near the Waterway Ferry Terminal [“mandog’] (Belford)

31: 75p

“Monster Busters” truck (Verona)  29: 55p

Monument to Emilio Carranza (Burlington County)  RG: 80p; 21: 54; 25: 10

Moon Mobile  RG: 76p

Moon Motel  RG: 21p

Moon over Osama pumpkin display (Red Bank)  RG: 77p

Moose Tree (Reaville)  16: 46p

Mother keeping rooftop vigil since WWII (Hasbrouck Heights/Lodi)  11: 4

Motorized monkey mascot at auto dealer outside Holland Tunnel (Jersey City)  27: 49p

Moving blue bottles (Blawenburg/Hopewell/Pennington/Princeton)  23: 67p; 24: 10;

26: 4p; 27: 92p; 29: 18

Mr. Bill’s Twin (Jackson)  24: 70p

Mr. T head light fixture at Takanassee Beach Club (Long Branch)  30: 62p

Muffler Man statue (Jersey City)  4: 23; 6: 21; RG: 65p

Muffler Man statue at Barnacle Bills (Ortley Beach)  RG: 64p

Muffler Man statues  6: 21; RG: 63-66p; 23: 66p

Muffler Man vampire statue (Jackson)  RG: 66p

“Muffler men”

Along Route 27 (Edison)  26: 49p

Newark  26: 49p

Murphy’s Gas Station (Raritan)  RG: 59

Mysteries of Blue Hill Road (River Vale)  21: 52

Mysterious alphabets on the Old Mill (Blairstown)  11: 52

Mystery garage on Mine Road (Bridgewater/Martinsville)  24: 68p

Mystery heads of Route 24 (Summit)  32: 75p; 33: 16-17

Mystery heads of Route 287 (Haskell)  32: 75p

Mystery store at flea market (Englishtown)  22: 68p

Negro Run sign (Allentown)  20: 93p

Neighbors: Institute of Better Digestion and MacDonald’s  21: 16p

New Egypt Flea Market Village (Plumsted)  RG: 54p, 57p

“New Jersey’s Largest Cassette Tape” at The Record Store (Howell)  19: 48p

“No Exit Lane” (Mill Hall, PA)  28: 98p

“No Geese” sign (Princeton)  26: 26p

No Name Road (Newtonville?)  27: 25p

No Name Street (Washington)  27: 25p

“No Passing Ever Zone” (Edison)  23: 71

Northfield Avenue mineral spring marker (West Orange)  31: 77p

“Note First Name” building (East Orange)  20: 67p

Nun Crossing sign (Springfield)  19: 50p

Nurse mannequin without pants (Paterson)  26: 50p

“Off-Road Retards” truck (Belleville)  30: 61p

Old Mine Road – landowners illegally gate road  33: 6-7

Old Stone Inn and the Ghost Tree (New Brunswick)  18: 46p

“On this site nothing happened” plaque (Wall)  RG: 50p

Oreo Cows of Bunn Road (Bedminster)  22: 77p

Orr’s Carpet Giant (Deerfield)  21: 62p

Our Lady of the Highways Shrine (Pomona)  18: 62p

Our Lady of Lacey Road – Virgin Mary display in pickup truck bed  31: 78p

Outdated gas station prices (Scotch Plains)  26: 80p

Outhouse Springs Bottled Water signs along Route 57 (Phillipsburg) 25: 45p

Out of Bounds Road (Edison)  23: 18p

Painted rock of Route 539  20: 67p; 27: 50p-51p

Paper mache head hanging below underpass along Route 15 (Sparta)  33: 84p

Papier Mache Man of Route 287 (Haskell)  31: 1p, 76p

PATH Christmas tree (Newark)   18: 16

Patriotic chicken sculpture (Berkeley Heights)  27: 48p

Penis-shaped bush (Belleville)  15: 37p

Penis-shaped bush (Wildwood Crest)  16: 43p

Penis-shaped tree (Rt. 35 South)  18: 47p

P. Guy sewage disposal (Stow Creek)  26: 51p

Phallic gateposts (Franklin Lakes)  25: 48p

Pink elephant on Riverstix Bridge (Hopatcong)  21: 63; 22: 55p; 27: 76p-77p; 28: 13-14

Pizzaland (North Arlington) – model of Sopranos pizzeria available  31: 6p

Polar bear statue at Cooper River Park (Pennsauken)  28: 51p

Pole Creature (Point Pleasant)  30: 61p

Pole Monster (New Jersey Turnpike)  25: 3p

Police slow down dummy  28: 77p

Pornographic statue at Princeton University (Princeton)  29: 55

Possessed vibrating pole (Passaic Park)  16: 43p; 18: 14

Post Lane tree sculpture (Bernardsville)  18: 47p

Postman statue (Ridgewood)  26: 51p

Pot sale (not that kind!) at Comisky’s Greenhouses (Hightstown)  31: 74p

Prankster alters signboard to “ass” theme at Wall Township Speedway (Wall)  28: 56p

Property with totem poles and warning sign (Morrisville, PA)  28: 98p

Prop jet from the movie “TankGirl” at Christi’s Pub (Egg Harbor)  21: 65p; 24: 87p

Protest sign (Delaware Memorial Bridge)  25: 4

Puzzling road sign — ejection seat or potholes? (Lodi)  30: 61p

Pyramid house  RG: 78p

Rabbi only parking sign (Toms River)  32: 46p

Rabbit Tree (Vernon)  10: 42p; 22: 8

Racist “ghost sign” on Springfield Avenue (Irvington)  29: 68p

Radio frequency problems (Wayne)  26: 51

“Ready to make a Break” statue (Mount Holly)  20: 66p

Real-life gingerbread house (Vincentown)  29: 64p

Redevelopment around laundromat (Kendall Park)  23: 67p

Redneck Avenue (Teterboro)  28: 57p

Redrum Customs sign (Haskell)  26: 80p

Rehab Facility/Beer combination billboard (Gloucester)  RG: 50p

Renault Winery bottle sculptures (Atlantic City/Berkeley/Hammonton/New Gretna)

7: 21p; 19: 48p; 21: 12; 28: 55p

Roadkill memorial (Pennsylvania)  30: 97p

Roadside coffin sale (Millville)  24: 66p

Roadside Elvis  see Ed Geil

Roadside memorials to accident victims  LE: 102p

Roadside Rhino statue (Menlo Park)  RG: 47p

Roadside Robots of Route 54 (Newtonville)  22: 67p

Roadside rock shrine (Glen Rock)  30: 60p

Roadside Shrine (Sussex County)  RG: 77p

Roadside tractor and grave memorial (Montville)  19: 49p; 22: 73p

Roadside weirdness – 2nd story mailbox, driveway cannon, rocks with patterned                                       drillholes, fake goat mascot (Long Valley)  RG: 77p

Roadside wood carvings of Greg Napolitan [Jersey Devil, etc.] (Frenchtown)  30: 62p

Road sign denouncing the Onondaga Indian Nation (Syracuse, New York)

17: 79p; 19: 10

Road to Nowhere (Mercerville)  18: 48

Road to Nowhere (Wanaque)  20: 75; 24: 19; 25: 19

Roadside grave (Tewksbury)  25: 28p

Robot statue (Jersey City)  28: 48p

Rock and Roll Bridge – grafitti tribute to dead musicians (Sewaren)

19: 51; 22: 69p; 24: 14

Rooftop knights battle at transmission shop (Bloomingdale)  RG: 42p; 24: 69p

Rose’s Dress Shop (Atlantic City)  RG: 59

Route 9 Dinosaur statue (Bayville)  1-3: 23; 5: 15p; 7: 20p-21; RG: 20p; 29: 91p

Route 9 Grim Reaper and Death signs (Howell)  21: 52p; 23: 15p; 24: 19; LE: 25p

Route 9 Steam engine and cars  see Pine Creek Railroad

Route 23 bottle art linked to Lincoln Tunnel “terror” incident  (Sussex County)  32: 8

Route 23 telephone pole art (Kinnelon/West Milford)  7: 36; 12: 10; 14: 40p-41p; 15: 46

Route 24 off-ramp decorations (Summit)  19: 51; 20: 69p

Route 27 Locks (Highland Park/New Brunswick)  23: 11-12

Route 27 nude cop in car crash (Edison)  24: 4

Route 35 Pirate ship building (Cliffwood Beach/Laurence Harbor)  4: 19; 15: 12; 33: 83p

Route 78 “Bunny Bridge” (Summit)  19: 74p

Route 78 Towers of Art (Hunterdon County)  21: 65

Route 287 pole art (Pompton Lakes/Haskell/Wanaque)  26: 49p

Route 666 (Atlantic County)  24: 72p; 28: 57p; 31: 10

Rundown shack next to realty sign (Long Beach Island)  31: 75p

The Sacred Heart – life-sized statue of Christ (Howell)  18: 56p

“Satan Claus” visits local fire department (Pequannock)  30: 65p

Satanic grafitti and body outlines that won’t go away (Tinton Falls)  12: 48

“Save the Alien” roadside display (Old Fort, NC)  30: 99p

Schooley’s Mountain hangman’s tree carved into eagle (Morris County)  22: 73p

“Screaming Sign”  9: 15

Semi-A-frame house (Wildwood)  RG: 79p

Senior special 0% off sign (Wayne)  30: 64p

“Seven Bridges Road” (Tuckerton)  21: 19

Seven-Up “ghost sign” on Springfield Avenue (Irvington)  29: 68p

Shah of Iran’s yacht beached along the Turnpike (Raritan River)  14: 20p-21

Shark with leg in his mouth sign (Wildwood)  30: 46p

Ship graveyard (Staten Island)  16: 58p-59p

“Shirtwood Forest” on Finchley Drive (Brick)  14: 42p; 23: 6; 26: 19; 29: 56p

Shoeless Shoe Tree (Belvidere)  16: 48p

Shoes nailed to sign (Princeton)  18: 2p

Shoe Tree and Pocketbook Tree (Belvidere)  16: 48p

“The Short Hills Locks”  9: 44p; 11: 55; 12: 10

Shortened VW Beetles (Montville)  RG: 76p

“Shortest highway in the U.S.” – Route 59 (Cranford/Garwood)  4: 4; 11: 53; 12: 8

Sign clutter at Avenel Flea Market (Avenel)  29: 68p

Sign denouncing evil county government (Burlington County)  22: 74p

Sign engulfed by tree  20: 3p

Sign-engulfed by tree on Kennedy Boulevard (Jersey City)  29: 69p

Sign engulfed by tree (Long Branch)  28: 57p

Sign promoting Ewing-Trenton ceasefire (Ewing)  30: 65p

“Signs from God”, church roadside messages  19: 84p

“Skinniest House in N.J.” (Bordentown)  12: 42p

“Skinniest House in N.J.” (Haledon)  14: 44p

“Skinniest House in N.J.” (Ocean City)  14: 44p

Skull Rock of Winfield Park (Union County)  12: 43

“Smallest House in NJ” (Bayville)  14: 44p

“Smallest House in NJ” (Bloomfield)  5: 21p; 9: 45p

“Smallest House in N.J.” (Passaic)  20: 68p

“Smallest Railroad in NJ” (Oakland)  5: 22

Smiling Tree (Westfield)  RG: 43p

Snapping turtles of Route 508 (Kearney)  24: 50p

Soap Forest (West Orange)  13: 51p; 14: 54

Space capsule replica (Martins Creek, PA)  18: 82p

“Speed ahead” sign (New Jersey Turnpike)  31: 75p

Squirrel crossing sign (Springfield)  27: 98p

Stairs to Nowhere (Hoboken)  20: 66p

Standard Nipple Works company (Garwood)  28: 56p

Standing Bull statue (Middletown)  32: 35p

Statue of Liberty at Gogel Tire (Chatham)  21: 15p

Statue of Liberty at Lake Hopatcong harbor (Morris County)  21: 15p

Statue of Liberty in Pennsylvania (Duncannon, PA)  17: 79p

Statue of Liberty replica on lawn (Montclair)  22: 73p; 23: 66p; 24: 19

Steam locomotive (Beechwood)  RG: 22p

Stone Face in Triangle Park (Dover)  16: 45p

Stop [in the name of love] sign (Nutley)  31: 74p

“Stop. It’s not a race” sign in Best Buy parking lot (Manalapan)  29: 68p

Strange Statue of Crane Park (Montclair)  16: 34p; RG: 9p

“Stub Yer Toe” Bridge along Runyon Road (Old Bridge/Sayreville)  20: 75p

Stuffed animals guarding abandoned factory (Roselle Park)  19: 51; 20: 68

Sunken House at Ramapo College (Mahwah)  16: 46p; 18: 10

Swamp Buck and Butt (Buttzville)  6: 20p; RG: 43p

Swastika building (Bayonne)  11: 55p; 12: 8-10; 19: 12

“Swingers and widows welcome” insurance man (Jersey City)  23: 70p

Taj Mahal model made out of cookies (Boonton)  15: 4p

“Take Off Your Top” sign (Pennsauken)  25: 45p

“Tallest [fake] tree in N.J.” – disguised cellular tower (Clark/Westfield)  11: 54p

Tank defending cornfield (Glen Gardner)  20: 69p

Telephone pole art (Tom’s River)  16: 48p

Telephone pole display on Lucent property (Chester)  RG: 76p; 26: 8p

Telephone pole in middle of road  (Ridgefield Park)  31: 78p

Three-quarter house (Trenton)  29: 66p

Thrift Shop sign at cemetery (Spotswood)  RG: 58p

Thunder Road — A Springsteen connection? (Vineland)  28: 57p

“Tillie” at Palace Amusements  4: cp; 12: 36p-40p; 18: 6; RG: 1, 6p; 23: 1p, 14, 17p;

25: 56p; 28: 9; 31: 6p; 32: 7p; 33: 10p

“Tillie” sightings  (Keyport & Morgan)  30: 62p

Tin Man on mobile home (South Brunswick)  19: 50p

Tin Man on sign (Livingston)  21: 64p

Titman Road (Butzville)  30: 65p

Toilet Man (Washington, Warren County)  23: 68p

Tombstone Creek, retaining walls made of cemetery stones (Irvington)  21: 1p, 34p

Tom Peterson and his metal sculptures (Egg Harbor City)  24: 68p; 32: 72p

Totem Pole (Wantage)  8: 1p-2; 10: 42; RG: 11p; 21: 3p; 22: 4; 23: 19d; 25: 11; 26: 10p

Totem Pole (Whippany)  15: 44p

Town Hall machine gun display (Fort Lee)  RG: 76p

Tree engulfing iron cat statue (Pitman)  30: 63p

Tree growing in middle of street (Red Bank)  20: 67p

Tree growing out of garage (Hillside)  RG: 77p

Trestle and Pillar (Lakewood)  21: 26p

T-Rex car parts skeleton (Neptune)  13: 50p

T-Rex statue at abandoned business (Cape May)  28: 55p

Trinity United Methodist Church, humorous roadside sign (Spotswood)  19: 84p

Truck permanently stuck in roadside embankment (Easton, PA)  30: 96p

Tugboat House – ship-shaped house (Cape May)  14: 22-23p

Turnpike Ivy Monster  28: 49p

Twisted sculpture (Trenton)  RG: 9p

Two Balls and a Cox election (Ewing)  28: 56p

Two-story outhouse (Route 68)  25: 49p

UFO-shaped house – “Futuro” (Greenwich)  26: 82p

UFO-shaped house (Willingboro)  22: 15

UFO-shaped ride from Wildwood Amusement Pier (Wildwood)  21: 63p; 22: 15p

see also UFO-shaped House (“Futuro)

Ugly Florist statue (Gloucester)  19: 49p

Unexpected Road (Buena Vista)  21: 52; 26: 87p

“Union Locks”  11: 55

Unique “Road Floods” warning sign (Ramsey)  19: 48p

Unusual ice cream shop sign (Ocean Grove)  25: 51p

Unusual intersection of Routes 15 and 94 (Lafayette)  21: 52

Unusually bent sign along Route 1 (Edison)  31: 74p

Unusual recurring reflections on house (Clifton)  29: 54p

Unusual signposts and street names

Area 51 Farm, Boozer Street, Sludge Run, Loveman Road, Lost Road, Gayboy Court,       Bonetown Road, Good Luck Road, Cemetery Road , Atlantic County Route 666, Purgatory Road, Wit’s End, Intersection of Straight and Narrow Streets  RG: 48p-51p

Uprooted tree looks like dinosaur claw (Perth Amboy)  21: 62p

Upside down billboard (Cliffwood Beach)  32: 46p

U.S. Navy AEGIS Combat Facility (Moorestown)  14: 21  aka “The Cornfield Cruiser”

“Van-Go!”, trailer painted as Van Gogh’s Starry Night (Frenchtown)  RG: 84p

Vend-a-Bait fishing bait vending machine (Middleville)  6: 12; 18: 44p

Vine Monster of Route 23 (Cedar Grove)  32: 72p

“Voyeurism is a Crime!” grafitti on Route 206  21: 16p

“Wack” street sign (Nutley)  27: 4p

War of the Worlds Monument (Grover’s Mill)  12: 14p-15

Washington’s face in a rock (Wall)  27: 54p

The Watching Statues of Route 31 (Glen Gardner)  33: 84p

Waving alien of Route 287  22: 79p

Waving Bear Statue (Westwood)  15: 45p

Waving Bear Statue (Wyckoff )  15: 45p

“Weed and Seed Community” sign (Pleasantville)  30: 61p

Wee Nee Wagon (Route 22)  25: 51p

Weird brickwork (Rutherford)  19: 50p

Weird deer crossing sign (Scotch Plains)  23: 71

Weird dinosaur statue  (Mount Holly)  20: 67p

Weird garden (Jersey City)  26: 51p

Weird roadside device (Princeton)  24: 66p

Weird stencils (New Brunswick)  RG: 10p

Weird woman, frogs and crazed dogs (Tansboro)  23: 60d-61; 26: 19

“Welcome to Martians” sign at Quality Inn (town?)  28: 56p

Well Built Contractors sign (Little Falls)  30: 65p

“What happens in Linden, Stays in Linden” sign (Linden)  27: 49p

White Rhino statue (Jackson)  RG: 47p

White Tiger mailbox (Barnegat)  RG: 42p

“Whoa” speed bump sign (New Hope, PA)  27: 89p

“Why you pay more” Thrifty Store (Paterson)  32: 46p

Wickerman (Leeds)  22: 70p

Windmill (Cowtown)  RG: 78p

Windmill (Holland)  RG: 78p

Windmill (Monroe)  RG: 78p

Windmill house (Barnegat)  RG: 78p; 29: 66p

Wit’s End street sign (Hardyston)  29: 68p

World’s largest cat sculpture (Jersey City)  6: cp, 3

World’s Tallest Water Sphere (Union)  32: 73p-74p, 92

World War I tank (Manville)  4: 6

World War II gliders abandoned in woods (Independence)  16: 42p; 18: 14

Wreck of the H.M.S. Martin at Cape May Point (Cape May County)  RG: 81p

Yellow Brick Road Shop (Mullica Hill)  28: 51p

“You have been warned!” sign (Hasbrouck Heights)  24: 3p, 88p

“You” roadside memorial signs: Garden State Parkway  26: 51; LE: 98, Route 78  26: 51; LE: 98: Route 287  26: 51; LE: 98

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