Index of Personalized Properties in Weird NJ


A handy reference guide to finding Personalized Properties that have been featured in Weird NJ.

Using the Weird N.J. Index

The easiest way to quickly and accurately locate information in this index is to use the Find/Search function supported by your browser to help guide your search. Example: Press command & F then enter the name of a location or a town into the search field.

Entries in this index conform to the general pattern:

Subject/Topic/Personal or Place Name (Geographic Location) Issue# : Pages

Special issues are designated by the following acronyms:  LE = Last ExitLH =Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird N.J.NP = Nightshade on the PassaicRG = Weird N.J. 2003 Roadside GuideTCR = Tales From Clinton Road.

Multiple index entries are separated by a semi-colon (;). Page numbering in Weird N.J. magazine did not begin until Issue #6. The page numbering given for Issues #1 through #5 is modeled after the format of later issues (i.e., the cover is counted as page 1).

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Personalize Properties

1960’s mannequin display in house (Rio Grande)  21: 65p

Abandoned farmhouse ruin with Christmas decorations (Long Valley)  28: 49p

Aircraft sculptures on lawn (Burlington)  21: 47p; 28: 30

Albert P. Greim’s Birdsville Church (Tom’s River)  14: 36p

Alien House with cryptic symbols (Pompton Lakes)  26: 90p

Angelo Nardone’s Statue House (Nutley)  1-3: 8; 8: 41p; 11: 2; 19: 91; 22: 10; 31: 11

Apple House (West Milford)  24: 52p

Arbuckel Estate and its concrete artwork (Vineland)  20: 1p, 70p-71p

Arthur Schroeder’s Castle House (Jefferson)  25: 41p; 29: 22d; 31: 9

Art lawn (East Brunswick)  26: 10

Astoria Doll Death House (Queens County, NY)  24: 90p

Aviso Grille (Bordentown) – Nazi yacht scrapped, but part possibly preserved  27: 45p-46p; 28: 17; 29: 20; 30: 14

Backyard locomotive and caboose (Kinnelon)  24: 85p

Backyard pebble sculptures (Matawan)  20: 67p

Batman climbing into home (Harding)  28: 51p

Best Buy plastic boulder (Union)  25: 50p

Bird Feeder House (Milmay)  RG: 42p

Boat in a tree, bowling ball pyramid and futuristic car from “Sleeper” (Mountain Lakes) 20: 16; 26: 76p-78p

Bob Rowe’s outdoor train display (Warren County)  28: 66p

Bowling Ball House/Rocking Horse House of Kendall Park  7: 27p; 10: 43p; 20: 16

Bowling Ball Pyramid (Mendham)  19: 45; 21: 12; 26: 76p-78p

Brick Midget House (Brick)  16: 45p; 18: 14; 20: 12; 27: 14-15

Cadillac gas station/garage (Morris County)  29: 64p

Camouflaged Peace Sign mailbox (Florance)  22: 73p

Candy-striped house (West Orange)  7: 19p-20

Cart Wheel Girl lawn ornaments (Haddonfield)  23: 66p

Case Family house with skeleton in attic (Ringoes)  19: 23d

Castle Delawana (Clifton)  13: 67p

Castle of King George Road (Warren)  13: 65p; 20: 73p; 29: 50p

Chain Link Tree (Howell)  24: 64p

Chipmunk Run – home of Sutter family (Upper Saddle River)  17: 33p; RG: 84p; 21: 6

Church-shaped birdhouse (Deptford)  25: 91p

Clean up Elmwood Road signs (Mount Laurel)  25: 45p

Coffin Bench (Malaga)  28: 64p; LE: 84p

Cold War backyard bomb shelter (Clifton)  19: 70p-72d

The Collage House (Sussex)  19: 18p-22; 20: 4; 28: 10p; 33: 15

Conflicting weight limit signs (Three Bridges)  26: 80p

Cookie Jar house (Glendora)  8: 20-21p

Crazy wooden lawn sculptures (Newton)  21: 62p

Cumberland County Route 54 sculptures  5: 4p, 30p

Dog tree (Highland Park)  24: 64p

Doctor’s office with gravestone walkway (Pompton Plains)  15: 74p

Doll House of Salem Street (Dover)  10: 40; 12: 4; 23: 64p

“Doubletake Duplex” on Hamilton Street (Trenton)  29: 64p

Easter Island driveway sculptures  RG: 23p

Easter Island/Tiki head on Grant Avenue lawn (Highland Park)  16: 43p; 29: 65p; 33: 7p

Elephant Tree (Wayne)  22: 70p

Expressive lawn ornament (Montclair)  4: bcp

Farr family backyard chapel (Florham Park)  13: 65p

Fence made of crutches (Bay Haven)  24: 53

Fiberglass cow on front lawn (Mystic Island)  22: 77p

Fiberglass cows grazing (Green Village)  22: 77p

Folk art house of Pink Austin Bellamy (Woodbridge)  11: 51p; 24: 78p; 25: 10p

Freaky Tiki (Rutherford)  21: 63p

Gargoyles (Somerset County)  13: cp, 52p

Giant cow head in yard (Harrison)  23: 87p

Giant head sculpture (Bergen County)  12: 42p; RG: 68p

Giant skull (South Orange)  25: 54p

Gracie Knox’s “Pink Lady” house (Metuchen)  23: 63p

Grim Reaper guarding house (Morris Plains)  RG: 43p

Half-houses (Trenton)  24: 53p; 25: 76p

“Heartland House” – giant mailbox and theme-park property (Lincoln Park)

16: 4p, 6; RG: 68p

House of Names (Flanders)  25: 42-43

House with Chair on top (West Creek/Eagleswood)

7: 21; RG: 20p-21; 24: 11; 26: 4p; 30: 10p

House with replica Jungle Habitat sign (Ringwood Lake)  26: 12p

House with stacked front doors (Deal)  25: 49p

Hubcap tree (Hammonton)  4: 3

Igloo House at Shady Lake Community (West Milford)  20: 72p

Jamil the Gypsy’s Mosque (Meadowlands)  11: 51p

Josephine Stapleton’s Art Lawn (Buena Vista)  aka Lawn of a Thousand Milk Bottles

4: 6; 7: 5; 10: 41p; 30: 3p; 32: 16p

Lawn of a Thousand Ornaments (Hackensack)  1-3: 7; 6: 17p

Lawn ornament display (Freehold)  12: 16p

Life-size bronze statue of girl on horseback (Wallington)  33: 85

Martian sculpture (Lake Hopatcong)  22: 78p

Meixells Rocks (Pequest)  25: 40p

Messy yard and unique owner (Whippany)  25: 6

Metal Palm Tree (Wantage)  10: 42p; 20: 10p; RG: 76p

Mildred Johnson’s “Pink Lady” house (West Orange)  22: 64p

Mini-Midget Castle (Alpine)  13: 66p

Model House (Fredon)  14: 18p; 16: 65

Mother Teresa brick (Union)  25: 91p

Mr. Ed, penguins and other lawn displays (Freehold)  24: 53

Mr. Peanut statue — “Save my Home” (Stanhope)  27: 55p

Multiplism Moses sculpture (Rutherford)  31: 72p

“My Buddy” dolls lawn display (Hammonton)  21: 64p

Mysterious woman statue (Metuchen)  28: 65p

Naked legs mailbox (???)  26: 14p

Nautical menagerie of the Hubb brothers (Paulsboro)  31: 73p; 32: 25

Northlandz — one guy’s creepy dream (Flemington)  28: 41

Obsuth Oasis backyard tiki bar (Fair Lawn)  32: 61p

Paint Bucket House (Salem)  23: 64p

“Palace Depression” (Vineland)

4: 18; 7: 12p-13p; 14: 16p-18p; 15: 5; 17: 9, 14; 18: 13; 19: 12, 14p; 20: 12;

23: 19; 25: 40p; 28: 31; 30: 21; 31: 12p; 32: 12p, 25p

Patriotic tree (Fair Lawn)  24: 64p

Patti Mayo’s pimped trailer – graffiti courtesy of Rime, aka Jersey Joe (Edison)  32: 71p

Pebble Palace (Deptford)  19: 44p; 26: 89

Pebble Palace (Williamstown)  26: 89p

“PeeWee Herman House” (Hackensack)  4: 22

Piney home with menacing statuary on Indian Cabin Road (Egg Harbor City)

18: 42p-43p; 19: 92; 33: 21

Pink house and yard (Metuchen)  22: 64p

Plaster Man guards home (Barry Lakes)  29: 65p

Police mannequin guarding mailbox (Parsippany)  33: 83p

Polka Dot/Frog Rock (Mountain Lakes)  25: 49p

Porch Jesus (Passaic)  RG: 43p

Property with disturbing “child-like” displays (Monroe)  26: 93

Pullman railroad car (Edison)  6: 4

Pumpkin House (Sussex County)  13: 52p

Purple House (Alloway)  28: 65p

Real-life gingerbread house (Vincentown)  29: 64p

Restored railroad caboose (Plainfield)  5: 21

Ricky Boscarino’s Luna Parc psychedelic art house (Sussex County)  21: 44p-45p

“Ripped-Off House” power bill protest (Orange)  8: 23p

Road Warrior of Greenwood Lake – John Hearle (Passaic County)  26: 88p

Rooftop upholstered chair (Roselle Park)  24: 71p

Route 536 stair tree  24: 64p

Rudy Bram’s Art House (Weehawken)  12: 16p

Rusted knight in yard (Pequannock)  29: 65p

The Sand Castle  aka Bahia Vista (Egg Harbor)  19: 28p

Skewered head Halloween decoration (Lyndhurst)  25: 49p

Smokey the Bear likeness recovered (Ridgewood)  24: 18

Snowplow blade as Christmas decoration (Fairfield)  27: 8

“Spaceship” house (Denville)  24: 4

Stanley Hammell’s Insulator House (Galloway Township)  17: 34p; 18: 9

Statue of Liberty driveway ornaments (Hackettstown)  23: 66p

Stone Face of Cedar Lane (River Vale)  24: 66p

Susan Hunter’s caged Three Stooges lawn display (Colonia)  23: 64p-65p; 26: 12p

Toilet paper curtains (Route 1)  25: 50p

Tom Fuscaldo’s “Bumblebee House” (Paterson)  18: 35p; 19: 6-7p

Tooth tree (Woodbury)  24: 64p

Totem Pole (North Plainfield)  22: 63p

Toy Tower and its creator Eddie Boros (New York City)  31 : 22

Tree carved into Statue of Liberty (Montville)  21: 15p

Twin Towers shrine on front lawn (Monroe)  23: 68p; 24: 19

“Uncle Sam’s House” – Marxist commune (Piscataway)  11: 50p; 15: 46

Underground house (Cherry Hill)  21: 46p

Vacuum mailbox (Mountainside)  33: 84p

VHS tape walkways and patios (Fort Lee)  25: 43p

Vicki Diamond’s rock artistry on Split Rock Road (Rockaway)  18: 34p

Viking of Route 77 (Upper Deerfield)  28: 65p

“W” house (Pitman)  26: 90p

Watchung Castle (Watchung)  13: 66p

Weird modern house (West Creek)  24: 53p

Wilberforce Sylvester’s Mural House (Pleasantville)  29: 60p-63p

Wooden lean-to “home” (Cinnaminson)  12: 16p

Wooden roadside Statue of Liberty (Sussex)  12: 16p

All available back issues of Weird NJ magazine may be purchased through our web site’s shopping cart, or by visiting our Amazon Store.

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