The Device is in the Brain in Totowa

Have you guys ever heard of the house on Union Blvd. in Totowa with the weirdo signs in the window? There used to be these crudely hand-lettered, poster-sized signs filling every window in the house with such inscriptions THE DEVICE IS IN THE BRAIN…HEAT FROM THE BODY POWERS THE DEVICE.”  The guy who lived there (I assume he’s gone now because the house looks normal now) must have been really something. –David Burd

 Remembers the “The Device”

Years ago my husband and I had just been to the movie theater up off Route 46 in Totowa. We had never been in that particular area before, and were trying to find our way home and somehow ended up on Union Blvd. That’s when we spotted it: this apparently normal looking white house with signs posted in the windows saying “THE DEVICE IS IN THE BRAIN,” “HEAT FROM THE BODY POWERS THE DEVICE,” and other alien-inspired ravings.

Chilled, we turned the car around and headed back the way we came. Years latter, whenever we thought about that house we’d get the creeps. It was almost as if we had imagined it!  –J. Burchfield

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