Yearly Archives: 2022

Investigating The Jet in the Woods

One of the most unexpected things that we’ve ever seen while wondering around in the woods of New Jerseys was the military jet fighter abandoned in the wilds of West Milford, located in the hilly northernmost part of the state. … Continue reading

The Stone Living Room

Perched high above the border of West Milford and Bloomingdale in Passaic County, one can relax and enjoy the view from the Stone Living Room, the creation of a mysterious race of stone masons that remain anonymous to this day. Continue reading

A Nightmare Before Christmas in Trenton

Three days before Christmas, Jean strangled her 78-year-old mother to death in their home. Standing over Julia Zelinsky’s body, Jean took a kitchen knife and decapitated her. Tossing the head into a plastic shopping bag, Jean got into her car and headed straight for Trenton – but not before stopping to wave to a neighbor. Continue reading

Jungle Habitat: Wild, Free and Abandoned

Located in West Milford, NJ, Jungle Habitat was an African safari theme park operated by Warner Bros. in the mid-1970s. Legends of patrons being mauled by lions in their cars and of animals escaping into the wilds of West Milford abound, as do the stories animals being left behind to fend for themselves and pray upon one another after the park closed in 1976. The weirdest parts is that some of these tales were actually true. Come with us now on safari as we explore the Jungle Habit of yesteryear and today. Continue reading

Higbee Beach’s Ghostly Grave

Weird NJ reader J.C. McAllister tipped us off a little-known local legend that emanates from the southernmost reaches of New Jersey, Cape May. J.C. writes: About 40 years or so ago, before the Cape May/Lewes, Delaware, ferry started operating at … Continue reading

Deadly Tale of Henry Hudson Springs

In early September 1609 Henry Hudson began his exploration of the river that would one day bear his name. Before he ascended the estuary though, Hudson stopped at a small freshwater spring in what is now Atlantic Highlands to collect … Continue reading

Santa’s New Jersey Roots

While the image of the  jolly old elf we’ve all come to know as Santa Claus may live at the North Pole, the father of this version of Father Christmas once lived right here in New Jersey. The character of … Continue reading