Word has it there were some murders back there a while ago, and some Pig Lady roams the area and can be summoned by driving down the road, turning the car off, flashing the lights three times, screaming  “Pig Lady!” and looking in your rear view mirror.   –Erik W.

The Pig Lady’s Glowing Head

Have you ever heard about the Pig Lady?  This is all I know.  A husband came home from work and decapitated his wife.  When the police got there they never found her missing head.

Now you are supposed to go down this road off of Roycefield Road in Hillsborough (Doris Duke’s Property) that is roped off, and honk your horn at night and her glowing head appears.   –John R.

The Pig Lady’s Pig Head

Supposedly when she was born she was so ugly and grotesque her father chopped off a pig’s head and put it on her.  Now she suffers like this for eternity and tries to steal your head if you go down her road.  –Anonymous

Disfigured By Fire, Pig Lady Flees to Woods

The old story I remember was that you’re supposed to go down Pig Lady Road at night and find a red tree at the side of the road.  You’d do something and the Pig Lady is supposed to come out chasing you.

Now, the Pig Lady was supposed to be an old maid of the Dukes’ who was injured during a fire at the mansion.  A fire broke out, and this woman was on the second floor and was abandoned by everyone else as they saved themselves.  She fell from the second floor, disfiguring her face, and she disappeared to live in the woods on the Duke Estate.  –Vinny 

Cries of the Pig Lady

It is said that if you drive down Pig Lady Road at midnight, she will jump out in front of your car making loud weeping noises.  She weeps in shame of her disfigured face and therefore only comes out at night.

Along Pig Lady Road, there are also stone walls.  If you walk up to one of these walls and throw a penny backwards into a well, you could see her reflection in the water standing behind your back as you are looking down into the well.   –Andrea R.

Pig Lady Rd-Mark Moran

The Mysterious Pig Lady Attacks!

The story goes that in the early 1900’s when Hillsborough was all farms and vast woods there lived a lady who resembled a pig.  She lived on a farm secluded from civilization because as a child she was picked on and teased constantly, so she vowed never to have to deal with that kind of torture ever again.  One day as she was gardening, a young boy came along with two of his friends and noticed the Pig Lady gardening.  The boys made jokes about her hideous pig face and vowed to go back later that night, and place a slaughtered pig head on her door step.  They went that night and were never heard from again.  Years later as Hillsborough grew in population, the missing teenagers’ bones were found where her garden once was. (Continue reading below…)

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Legend has it that in order for her to come out, you must annoy her by flashing your lights, screaming Pig Lady, and beeping the horn.  Then you must leave someone from the group on the street, and drive off without looking back.  Once you get to the end of the road you turn around and go back and see what your friend has witnessed.  The whole drive from leaving your friend and coming back takes ten minutes.

We all admitted to being scared except for my friend Jenn.  She was calling us stupid for being scared and taunted the Pig Lady when she got out of the car.  We did the routine and sped off.  We arrived back and laughing at how scared we all were, except there was no Jenn.  We thought she was playing a joke, so we got out of the car.  My friend Shannon heard crying from a nearby bush.  My friend John carried Jenn out  and we got into the car in silence.  After leaving the deserted road we stopped to get gas.  Jenn was still crying and I turned to comfort her – that’s when I noticed the scratches on her face, arms, and legs.

We dropped her off and she never spoke to us again.  She moved one year later.   –The Pig Hunter

Illustration by Ryan Doan. www.RyanDoan.com

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