Mysterious Lights of Slabtown Road

In Salem County off of Route 40 in Woodstown is Slabtown Rd.  The road starts out between two fields, before cutting through a small section of woods.  The road runs over a small stream and if you walk from this bridge towards Route 40 at night it will sound as if you are being followed on both sides by footsteps in the woods.  When the footsteps stop the lights begin.  Small white lights appear in the trees, on the road and on the grass, but not in midair.  You can touch the lights but you can’t get rid of them.  What they are I’d like an explanation for.

We have walked the road on various nights under various conditions.  Full moon, new moon, winter, summer, things like that and always the same thing – first the footsteps then the lights.  We have taken people there without telling them what we experienced and they experience it too.  –Joe R.